DJ Alexia

DJ Alexia

On Air Radio DJ for 17 years and going strong! You can hear me in America's Finest City San Diego on Alt 94.9 and Bob Radio 94.9 HD2!

MUSIC is my life. Vocalist, On Air Radio DJ @ Energy 1037 in San Diego, Artist, Spinologist @ Queendom Tribe, & Vinyl Lover. I've got a Blues-ee, Reggae, Punk Rock Soul. ૐ☮ San Diego to the Bay! One Love!

"I grew up loving radio. I was that kid who would call a radio station in hopes to have them play my phone call on the air, and I would listen with my cassette ready to record it, so nerdy! In Junior High friends and I would use a karaoke machine to record our own radio shows at home, something must have been wrong with us, smh :) So when I started college I knew that I needed to get in the radio program, and thats really where my radio career began in a small town called Modesto, Ca."

" The teacher gave us an assignment in which we had to make a radio resume and aircheck. He asked us to take that to a radio station in the area, so I left it at Hot 104.7 KHTN in Merced, Ca. They ended up contacting me for an interview which I didn't expect at all and I got the job! Eventually I worked my way up from street team promotions, Board oping, running the mix show, to on air over nights, then to mornings/middays. From there I made my first move ever in my life to Salinas, Ca and joined an amazing morning show by the name of The Morning Madhouse on 102.5 KDON so many good times with those guys aka my brothers :) I learned so much there and I thank you guys! "

Wasn't long after Morning Madhouse "that I headed to pop station KHOP for a short stint, while there I started to Voicetrack Middays at Wild 106 in San Luis Obispo which I still do to this day, around the same time I landed nights at our sister station KWIN in Stockton, Ca and had the number 1 night show for 6 years straight. I loved KWIN but I knew it was about that time to step into a bigger market to learn some more to better my craft that's when I decided to make my favorite beach city in California my home and joined the on air staff at LMA in San Diego where I did weekends/fill-ins and was the Production Assistant producing all those commercials you love to hear on the radio, lol. Although I love production I wanted to be on the air full time. So thank you to my current PD for believing in me and placing me on Energy 97.3 Mon-Friday 10a-3p."

In his wisdom my PD "later moved me over to our sister station Alt 94.9 San Diego's Alternative so tune in I'm on 7p-Midnight Monday-Friday! I am so thankful to be here in San Diego and to be apart of this amazing talented staff at Entercom! That's my E! True Hollywood Story, lol! No but seriously that's what went down and I don't regret one minute of it! RADIO has always been my life and always will be because I LOVE RADIO!'"